An Introduction to the Family History Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Category: Blog 1     Author: Carri Story     Posted: Thursday - July 4, 2019

The Family History Center welcomes all people researching family trees, from the most seasoned genealogist to the person just starting out. There are genealogical helps at every turn at the Family History Center: the staff of volunteers, microfiche/microfilm readers, computers, books on local information, a printer with a scanner, an on-site microfilm library, and free access to many popular genealogy websites.

The Family History Center provides information concerning not only Guilford County, but also neighboring counties in North Carolina and surrounding states. The microfilm that is kept on-site is shared on either a short or long term loan. If you need to order a microfilm we don't have on-site, you will find a helpful staff member willing to walk you through that process (with a fee).

The entire staff of volunteers is well trained on the Family Search website and can be a great asset both for those who are signing up for the first time and those who have been users for many years. For the seasoned researcher, you will find a network of volunteers willing to help you navigate the many sites on the web, local repositories, and so much more. There are even several staff members who are indexers, willing to help those who would like to participate in the many indexing projects that are available.

A great FREE educational benefit of visiting the Family History Center is that it holds monthly workshops on the second Thursday of every month from 7-8pm. During these small workshops, a variety of subjects dealing with genealogy are covered, taught by local historians, local historical societies, genealogists, librarians, and more. The biggest of these free events is held in the spring, during which there is a half-day of workshops.

Preparing for your first visit to the Family History Center will help make your visit be more productive. Cameras, tablets, laptops, and cell phones are all welcome. There are family group sheets available for your use and photocopies are free. If you are taking pictures of microfilm or microfiche images, they recommend using a digital camera and asking one of the volunteers to turn the lights out for the best quality picture. (At this time they do not have the ability to make copies of microfiche or microfilm images). Bring with you any information you have on the person/family you are researching. Having that information at your fingertips will allow you to make the most of your time while at the Family History Center.