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Category: Blog 1     Author: Carol Moore     Posted: Thursday - August 1, 2019

While searching records is necessary for finding family members, sometimes language, customs, names or locations that are not familiar can make understanding the records difficult and sometimes downright confusing! Enter the FamilySearch Wiki, the free website for finding information about subjects, records and places that connect you to your ancestors.

The FamilySearch Wiki, ( ), hosts information about the United States and 244 other countries in more than 84,374 articles and classes. How to articles, online classes, videos and links to records and websites are just a few of the resources to be found on the wiki. 

To find out how to begin researching or how to use the wiki or how to share your expertise, go to

To avoid common errors see .

For links to free printable genealogy forms,

To research countries, simply type the name into the search box, i.e., United Kingdom, brings up a page with demographics, map and links to the individual countries making up the United Kingdom. Clicking on the England page brings up maps, links to online records, tips for researching particularly in England, record types, research tools and more FamilySearch resources.

Take a few minutes and explore the, it’s amazing what you can learn!