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A Journey To Italy Description:

Journey with us to Italy as Jeff Costa reveals the history and records of his ancestral homeland.  Jeff has years of research in this area and recently was able to visit the land of his Grandparents' birth (before the Pandemic).  Come learn how you might find answers in helping your search or that of a relative!

Thursday - August 12, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Latest Blog Date: Tuesday - October 1, 2019 By: Michele Doyle Citations: Evaluating and Presenting Your Sources

The purpose of citations is to evaluate your evidence to justify the conclusions drawn, in other words, to "prove" your genealogical findings.  Looking at where the information comes from, checking to make sure there are sources, being able to find that source again and evaluating conflicting information are several reasons for citing your work.

A notable concern for online records is the possibility that they will not always be available where they were originally found. FamilySearch does not own all the records found on the website, Records are often used under contract for a designated period of time from another owner of the repository. As such the links may not always be active. To avoid this problem, copy the citation AND keep a copy of the record, at least a digital copy, if not also a paper copy. Read More - View All Blogs

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